The mind of Munkey

Monday, July 18, 2005

Whirlwind Weekend Adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to give some insight into an awesome weekend I had this past week!!!!!

Let me start by saying this, If I EVER, EVER, EVER, see another motherfucker get hit in the face with a chair, BLEED, then take a DVD type gimmick THROUGH a chair, and be on his feet cuttin a promo within 10 seconds of taking the DVD gimmick, I SWEAR, I will PUBLICLY MURDER THAT SAID MOTHERFUCKER. Completely unacceptable, That shit should have been sold like death, especially with the stipulation on the match that there was.

Anywho, Thought that the show was good on Friday, I don't get to just sit back and watch shows often so it's kinda cool, even though I HATE not workin', But what ye gonna do right?
From what I saw of it everything looked pretty good from everyone. Matty had my attention a lot of the time though, Man do we have some fuckin interesting conversations, LOL.
Props to milwalkee for keepin on keepin on with a fuckin pussy on his forehead and all, LOL.
And congrats to Garry!!!!

After the show it was on to Arby's and then home so I could get up and go to work at 6 in the fuckin' mornin Saturday, Fuck I work to much. Saturday night brought a good time with the family peoples, Went to my cousin Wayne and Renes house for a cookout, (ok, we just wanted to get drunk), who are you to judge? Was a good time had by all, Beer and Buttery Nipples what more could you ask for? 'Cept sleepin on a waterbed, I have decided IM not a fan of that gimmick AT ALL!!!

Sunday at Riders was great, good fun and got to see some homies I aint seen in a while, Also some new homes were met, K.C., Moses and the rest of the ACPW guys are a good group of cats, I dig 'em all, Hopefully i'll get to work with them some more, they all seem like good people, extremely cool cats all around. Good matches all night except for the fiasco mentioned above, But even in that I got to see Paco work again, so that was awesome!!!!

Now I am back home and back to work, so I get to look forward to another 64 hour or so week, YAY ME, Fuck me runnin'.

Oh YEAH, Ice ceream sandwiches are the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So is Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream, that shit is like sex in a cup, LMAO!!!!!
Yeah, IM out, till next time bitches, and as my boy Wesley Willis says "I'm just workin hard like whippin' a mules behind with belts".
LOL, Love that shit.

Later yall.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Random Thoughts.

Well, I been sittin here all night all alone, and I am bored outta my fuckin' skull. So I figured I would jump on here and just start typing and see where it takes us.

First off let me start by saying that I miss a lot of the guys I used to see all the time, if you know me you know that there are VERY few people that I dislike. Of course there are some I don't really care for, but I aint one to drop names and start shit. ;) I do miss a lot of guys though, and I wish I could see more of them. Matt Houston, Buzz, Bam, Willy G, Feech, Ooga, Kurt, Scotty Matthews And Bounty. Just about everyone from the old, N.E.W/ U.S.I.W.F days. I wish people just didn't grow apart, But that is the nature of things. Just know that I don't forget who the people are that were good to me and gave me my chances.

I do hope Justin Feeche decides to come to CWF a few times, I'd love to get in there with him and show him some things. Id make that fucker my BITCH. lol Feech you know I love you bro, hope to see you again soon.

Oh, and in my own opinion, Corey Edsel is the motherfuckin' man, That man has done more for me than I could even begin to put on here. Plus, no big man can even touch him as far as agility and in ring capabilities. You dont fuckin' agree you need to look again and look really fuckin hard. That sum-bitch can do shit I cant do and I'm half his fuckin' size, lol.

Jesse Ortega, I told myself and a few others I wouldn't touch this. But fuck it im gonna do it anyways, and unlike how some people do, if I say somethin you dont like I'll admit it, you got a problem with somethin I say I REALLY, REALLY don't give a fuck. Now, I said I wouldn't touch it but im gonna, I have heard that someone was pissed at Jesse about somethin he said or whatever, I can promise you that it was most likely just a misunderstanding of a comment, Jesse is one of the most humble, respectful and hard workin' fuckers I know. The kid is always willing to listen and to learn whatever you got for him. I cant tell you how many times he has come to me in the back asking if i saw his match and asking what I though about it. Even when I give him criticism about small things I notice, he eats it up and works on it. I am straight up with him like I am everyone.
If anyone comes and asks me my opinion on a match I'll give it to 'em. If I though it was garbage i'll tell em, if it was ok, ect. If i thinik that your suplex looks like shit ill say "Your suplex's look like shit". Just about everyone who knows me knows this is true. If you ask anyone something like that you should be braced for the truth, because that is best. If someone does something that looks like shit they should be told that it wasnt that great, dont have to be harsh about it but let 'em know to work on it is all. If we don't help each other out then who the fuck will? We are only as good as we make each other look!!! Murray told me once, "Dude, if you know somethin you do aint good, and you cant make it better, then just dont fuckin' do it, No need to make yourself look bad, find somethin else to do instead of that." I could not agree with him more. Now know that im not sayin all this shit cause I think im great and cause I think I have done it all. Beacuse simply put, I havent done a it all, I've done some, but not all of it. And I am nowhere near the greatest. I work on it, but I aint nowhere near it.

Harold & Kumar go to Whitecastle is the shit.
Kojima Vs. Kawada 2/16/05 is the shit.
I am the shit.
Kazi's momma gives good head, lol, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Speakin' of Kazi, I miss that fucker like crazy, thats my fuckin' boy, you need to hurry your ass up and get up here bro, we all fuckin' miss you.

I want another tattoo. BAD. But i can't shit money so i'll wait. Huh, I just realized why my parent always told me they couldnt shit money, it all makes sense now, I always just thought they were giving me too much info. Well, aint that a bitch?

That fuckin' Kylie Minogue song is stuck in my fuckin' head again. "Can't get you outta my head" I hate that god damn song, but i like it, Fuck that song. Mixed emotions and shit.

That t.v. show Cheaters is the shit, a motherfucker liked to got shot on there the other day, lol.

La Di Da Da.

I miss my boys in U.N.O.D. Yall need to fuckin' come aorund sometime, Jerkmongers!!!

Ok, now im drawin a fuckin' blank, so im done for now,


Monday, July 04, 2005

4th of July

Last night was the family's annual 4th of july party. Boy oh boy did we have a BLAST.
Between me and my cousins Joe, Melanie, and Wayne, My baby, My sis. We kille prolly around 4 cases of beer. Not to mention the $300 worth of liquer my aunt bought. We started off with great food by my aunt Linda, Hot wings, Frog legs, Buffaloe frog legs, hamburgers, hot dogs, you name it it was there, lol. We had fire works, and my cousins Wayne and Melanie made me a beer bong, which i proceded to down about 5 in a row, Then my sis dared to do it for her fiirst time, she did ok, Then out of nowhere we even talked my fuckin' mom, That's right my MOM, My motherfuckin' MOM into doin' one too, she did that shit like a fuckin' champ, everyone else was too pussy to do it, but we had a fuckin ball, then came poker time, luckily no one pulled out the check books last night, shit last year playin' a game called guts, the pot got to like 150 bucks, and if you dont win the hand you got to match the pot. that shit was crazy, good time had by all, i wish some of the fuckers i invited would have came, but all in al it was a good time, maybe ill write more about it later, but im tired, and i got to go to bed, im goin' fishin' at 5 am.


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fuck Grant Sawyer, Fuck him in his stupid ass!!!

Fuck a Statmark, I have updated 2 times in the past 2 days, oh, wait this makes three bitch.
So eat it Wee-Man. I might do a list of people/ things i hate later today or tonight.


Thursday, June 30, 2005

Word association with CWF roster, And some other folks too!!!

OK, So this was Grantmarks idea, and im gonna do it honest, so the first thing in my head is getting typed, so if anyone is offended feel free to confront me and get bitch smacked. LOL Im just kidding. So here we go.

Shane West: Awesome guy, Good worker too.
Kamakazi Kid: My hetero-lifemate. ;)
Justin Feeche: Love that guy. HUSS
Matty Dee: I want some of the shit that cat is puffin' on.
Chris Collins: Love the new tights, should be repeatedly BITCH slapped for wearin' the Carolina tights though.
Julius Augustus: Don't really know the cat, but LOVE how he calls matches.
Sean Powers: Sub-Fuckin'-Zero tattoo.
Trent Wylde: Love him, Hate him, Mostly love though.
Brad Attitude: MANGINA!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Donnie Dollars: Super cool cat i'd love to hang with more.
Alex Adonis: Takes shit wayyyyy to serious, needs to lighten up some, And not try to always be a badass.
The Shadow: Dude still smokes at like 70 Fuckin' years old, One of the nicest guys ever.
Otto Schwanz: LOL, The U.N.O.D joke he made once, The United Nations Of Gas Stations, Good shit.
Caprice Coleman: Had fun workin' him.
American Steel Ninja: Fuck you pal, My boy.
Amber O'Neal: Great girl, Mike is really lucky.
Krissy Vaine: Might get heat on this one, But she is the epitomy of BEAUTIFUL, and none of you fuckers can disagree either, so eat it!!!! And she is super sweet and nice to boot!!!!! Not to mention the fact that she works her ass off for her goals, much respect for that.
Kid Justice: Busts his ass and is way underrated. Keenan Quinn: Was present when Trent Wylde cuncussed me. Mitch Conner: Super worker, Super guy, Would prefer to see him in biker's though. Ultra Dragon: Possibly the smallest guy ever, Hopefully my future tag partner one day. Jay Sinn: It's just a finger you fuckin' baby, man up!!! Love this guy though. Gregory Vercetti: Could pass off as Brad Rainz Ver.2.LOL!!! J-Money: Easily the nicest guy ever, Nothing but love and respect for him and his entire family. Will B. Smooth: Quiet, But a cool cat nonetheless. Jesse Ortega: Has it deep in his heart, genuine love for the buisness, truly enjoys what he does, Always willing to listen and learn. Xsiris: Love him one minute, Hate im the next, Can be the greatest guy, or the biggest crybaby, depends on his mood i guess, LOL!!! Mikael Yamaha: WHiiiiite Power, Thats all i got to say, LOL. Corey Edsel: My boy through and through, No other big man can touch him if you ask me, And i would like to say, Thank you brother for everythoing, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!!! Brad Stutts: Fatback, Great guy, Would love to see him a little quieter at ringside during matches, WE do need to hear EACH other not you buddy. Brass Munkey: I hate that fuckin' guy. "Boogie Woogie Man" Rob McBride: Learned my trade in a ring in his yard in 35 degree weather.GeeStar: My girl through and through, been there for me through alot of tough times and a lot of good times, would do anything for her if asked. Ric Converse: Great champ, decent guy. Garry Stevens: Scares the crap outta my girl, but a really great guy, With some awesome fuckin' stories. Micheal McAllister: Fuckin' commie bastard. Gemini Kid: The man, i wish he would work more, you can learn so much just from watching him do his thing. Gave me a shot, and it is appreciated. William Cross: Also the man, Great uy all around, one day i will end his reign of man of the year. Pops Wenkel: Always there when you need him with what you need. Always super cool too. "Cadillac" Chris Troxler: Super awesome guy, will do anyhting to help out a freind, And also the only guy ever to fall ASLEEP in a titty bar. Grant "Statmark" Sawyer: best camera guy i know, even though he's one of the 2 i know, lol, But has been there for me during the good and bad, and i really love him like a brother. Katie Kincaid: Good ref, sweet girl, Almost always in a pleasent mood, except when she slaps stuttsy in the grill, LOL. Charles Richardson: Cool cat, love when he just looks like he has no clue whats goin' on in the ring.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Name: Walter L. Eaton Jr.
Birthdate: April 13th, 1982
Birthplace: Ozark, Alabama
Current: Burlington, N.C
Hair Color: Not quite sure about that, i think the natural color is almost black.
Height: 6 ft.
Righty or Lefty: Ambidextrious ( I can use either)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Your heritage: German/ Irish
The shoes you wore today: Adidas Shelltoes
Your weakness: Food, Women with a plump, round ass!!!!!!!!
Your fears: Spiders, I will literally run away from them.
Your perfect pizza: Lots of sauce, and lots of meat!
Goal you'd like to achieve: World domintation, Bwahahahahaha, Oh seriously, ummmmm, Be able to take care of my parents one day, so they dont have to work, and can enjoy their life.
Your most overused phrase on AIM/messenger: Who the fuck is this?????
Your thoughts first waking up: Fuck this shit, i wanna go back to sleep!!!
Your best physical feature: I have been told i have a nice ass, so i guess i'll go with that one.
Your bedtime: HAHAHAHAHAHA, Yeah, like i get to sleep.
Your most missed memory: Back in the day when we used to have training in Rob Mcbride's back yard.
Pepsi or Coke: Fuck em' both, give me Mountain Dew
McDonald's or Burger King: Fuck both of them too, I want Arby's.
Single or group dates: Single, i can concentrate on the one im with more.
Adidas or Nike: ADIDAS Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shelltoes are Fuckin' CLASSICS!!!!!!!!
Lipton Iced Tea or Nestea: WTF?????, It's all the same to me.
Chocolate or vanilla: I don't descriminate, LOL
Cappuccino or coffee: Frappuccino
Smoke: Yes
Cuss: Like a motherfuckin sailor!!!!!!!!!!!! ( You couldn't tell already just from reading this? )Sing: Usually only when i am alone.
Take a shower everyday: Usually twice a day.
Have (a) crush (es): I would marry Angelina Jolie immediately if givin the chance.
Do you think you've been in love: Yeah, Have been and am currently.
Want to go to college: Eh, Whatever
Like high school: Don't remeber it much, ;)
Want to get married: Been there, done that. Might try it again someday though.
Believe in yourself: Totally
Get motion sickness: Depends, fast doesnt bother me, but throw in spinnin' and heights, and flippin me around, Yeah, im pukin'.
Think you're attractive: I happen to be the sexiest motherfucker in the land, ( you didn't know?)
Get along with your parents: Occasionally, lol
Like thunderstorms: Fuck no,........ Well, as long as the power stays on i guess it's ok.
Play an instrument: Believe it or not i used to play the Fiddle.
In the past month have you...
Drank alcohol: Oh yeah!!!
Smoked: UH, yup.
Done a drug: NO, im sure some of you will be amazed at this one, but i am 100% drug free!!!
Had sex: Like a Jackrabbit :)
Gone on a date: Of course.
Gone to the mall: Unfortunately.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Fuck an Oreo.
Eaten sushi: Not just no, But HELL NO!!!!
Been on stage: Yeah.
Been dumped: Not unless she just aint told me yet, lol.
Gone skating: NO, want to start again though.
Made homemade cookies: UMMMMM, NO. Do i look like Betty Crocker to you?
Gone skinny dipping: Nah, too fuckin' cold for that shit.
Dyed your hair: Seriously, If you know me or have seen a picture of me this goes without sayin.( But for those of you that might not know me, yes, my hair is like 3 different colors.)
Stolen anything:No, Just a heart or 2 ;)
Have you ever..
Played a game that required removal of clothing: Hell yeah, let's go right now!!
If so, was it mixed company:UMMMM, YES!
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: More than i care to admit.
Been caught "doing something": Not sure what that entails, But ima go with yes, cause i been caught doin alot of things, LOL
Been called a tease: Once or Twice ;)
Gotten beaten up: I been wrestlin Corey, So yeah, i'd say so.
Shoplifted: Hell no.
Changed who you were to fit in: Not my style
Age you hope to be married: Whenever it feels right.
Numbers and Names of Children:Dont know, Dont care, As long as they are healthy.
Describe your dream wedding: In a Wrestling ring, (Seriously)
Where you want to go to college: Eh, Wherever
What do you want to be when you grow up: I'm there already.
What country would you most like to visit: My family's homeland, Germany.
(for the opposite sex):
Best eye color: Green
Best hair color: Very light brown, almost blonde
Best height: Shorter than me
Best weight: Honestly doesn't matter to me.
Best articles of clothing: Fuck some clothing, i like it natural, ;)
Number of drugs taken illegally: Times or different drugs? I'll go with different drugs here, 3
Number of people I could trust with my life: I trust a lot of people with my life, Everytime i step in a ring, Think about it.
Number of CDs that I own: ALOT
Number of piercing: 3
Number of tattoos:7
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: A few.
Number of scars on my body: Too many to count, I grew up in the country, lol.
Number of things in my past that I regret: 2
Current Music: Mnemic "Deathbox"

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The 9th of October

Howdy yall, OK, so most of you know by now, but for those of you that dont, this weekend just happens to be my cousin Joe's 21st birthday!!!!!! Joe is like my little brother i never had, so i am tryin my damndest to make sure this is a weekend he will never forget. If by some strange chance you have not been invited to tag along for the festivities, then consider this your formal invitation. So bring your ass and have some fun. If you don't, then i don't want to hear your whiney ass complain that you didnt go and you missed out on the greatest night EVER, EVER, EVER!!!!!! Because as Mi Hombre T-Dub said when he said what he said, The theme for this coming sunday will be, (drum roll please).........."What the fuck happened last night?!?!?!?" LMAO
Don't be gay, and don't miss out on this one people, Because if you do , you WILL regret it!!!

The Master Of Funkemonies Himself,

p.s. Love, Peace, And chicken grease!!!!!!!!!!